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18 December 2011 @ 03:55 am
Legend of the Gods - Part 8  
Author: [info]emmachase
Requested by: Everyone who took part in my poll
Title: Legend of the Gods - Part 8
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, some fluff, some myth-y type aspects
Pairing: HSB X HS7

Summary: Remember that little poll I had a while ago? Well, I finally got around to making a quick story about it! I hope you like it
Notes: Stay tuned for the next chapter folks!

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Chinen: The Firey Path

In the small dojo, Yuya sat before a window sill, watching as the sun rose in the sky. He sighed, bored as he had been for the last few hours. The boy sleeping beside him on the tatamis stirred slightly, like he always had, but never awoke. He had been thinking of the best way to explain to the young boy his new purpose and duties now that he was a… blessed being. Then again, he wondered if he needed to say anything at all…. Explanations were not his forte, and with matters such as this….

“Well… I’ve never had to explain it before….” He said aloud to himself, but he knew that that was only because those that he had blessed before were too caught up in wars to listen. Here though, was an inquisitive young man who was definitely going to need answers…and Yuya had none to give.

“mmnhh… it’s so… early… why are you up…..?” Chinen groaned as he sat up sleepily his lips opened and closed as if he were sampling the air around him before his entire body leaned off to one side and fell against the blankets and pillow again.

“Up.” Yuya said sternly, walking to the boy’s side.
“I don't want to..”
“Up.” He said again, this time adding a bit more depth into the command.
“Too earl-hyuhhh!” Yuri jumped to attention as he felt a hand grab his shirt and almost lift him to his feet.

“What did you do that for!?”
“We have much work to do.” The god said, walking out of the small side room. He heard the sounds of many people in unison shouting as they took their stances, training under their teachers.

“You! What are you doing here? Who is your instructor?” One of the instructors shouted, and it wasn't until he had managed to lay a hand on Yuya that the god realized he had dared to talk to him.

“You! What are you doing here, all students should be with their instructors now.” The man said firmly, and Yuya brushed off his hand.

“I learn from no one, and you shall not touch me again…” He said, and despite the fact that the man looked older, hearing that tone made his legs quiver a little. Instead of cowering away though, the man put on a brave façade, and walked up to Yuya again, insisting that he should return to his training room. Again Yuya brushed his hand off, which seemed to annoy the man more….

“Enough!” He finally said, grabbing Yuya by the wrist. A split second later the man was on the ground on his back.

“Y-Youu!” He said as he got to his feet, chasing after the young boy who had flipped him.
“Tell me where I can find a clear room to use.” Yuya said firmly, but as he turned he saw the man charging at him. He sighed as he bent backwards a bit, smiling as he saw the fist that should have reached him fall only a few centimeters short. He dodged again and again, grinning as he played with the man. He would lay his hands on the mans shoulders, tap his foot on the man’s leg.

“You’re open there… and there too… are you sure you know how to fight?” Yuya teased, finding it hilarious how aggravated the man became.

A few more fist throws later the man was panting and stumbled back.

“It was fun…” He said, turning back around to continue his search through the room.

“There you are!” Chinen appeared from behind him, nodding to the man panting and resting against the wall.

“Did….. I miss something?” he asked worriedly as Yuya pointed to a room that was open and empty.
“Can we use this room?”
“Uh… yeah… There’s no class in there today…. Why?”
“Inside.” Yuya said curtly,
“You could say please….”
“Inside.” Yuya said again.

As soon as the sliding doors shut to the room Yuya extended his hands as a twirl of flame came to life and when he dropped the fire onto the ground the flames almost… rippled like water. Yuri jumped slightly as the bright orange flame flared blue and spread through the room, rising up the corners forming a cube with them inside. The cube flashed and vanished as a faint blue-orange glow surrounded the room. Touching the walls, he felt as though a thin layer of… something had been put between the walls and himself.

“What… is this?”
“It’s a barrier, to keep everything inside in, and everything outside safe.”
“Safe? Safe from what?”
“This.” Yuya twirled the flame in his hands again, drawing them into a chain and lashed it out sending embers towards Chinen’s legs.

“AHH!” He shouted as he jumped and narrowly dodged the attach.
“STAND!” Yuya shouted as he lashed out again
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” He shouted as he ran around the room, dodging fireballs and running from corner to corner.

“Stand…. And fight!” Yuya said firmly again, lashing his flame-made whip through the air. Another lash later, he grew annoyed with every dodge the boy made and his eyes glowed slightly as he put both hands on the whip now, and pulled it apart first into two strands, then four, then eight….. the flames split themselves now and when there were so many fine threads of fire Yuya threw them into the air and flared his hands, sending all the threads to the walls like a spider-web with him in the center.

“AHH!” Yuri ducked as the flames whipped right above him. He rolled to one side careful not to stand and touch the fire.

“STOP!” He shouted as he lunged forward just in time to dodge a rather large chain of fire.

Yuya paid him no attention as he turned, the fire web followed and he plucked flames from the whip and flicked them out at the cowering boy who was doing his best to dodge between whips and fireballs.

“STOPP!” He shouted as he felt himself grow angry and annoyed. Standing, Yuri stuck his hands into one of the threads of the web and pulled on it. The minute his hand touched it, the flame grew bright white and he sent it forward, trying to strike the figure at the center of the arrangement. Instead of dodging though, the remaining threads of the web rose and came together to form a shield of sorts, deflecting Yuri’s whip.

“W-What… What is this?” He said, and as he spoke he thought less and less about what he was holding, and in turn the whip began to disintegrate.

“HOLD YOUR FOCUS!” Yuya shouted as he twirled the chains into a single spear and thrust it forward,

“AHH!” Yuri shouted again as he reignited the chord in his hand and used it to block the attack.

“Keep going.” The fire god said as his spear slashed to the side now to which Yuri ducked again and threw his own weapon forward only to be deflected again.

This went on for another hour or so, a constant back and forth that he always seemed to be on the losing half of. During the last half of the fight though, things became harder for him, his body was wearing down, and he was tired from running and dodging…

“Ahhh!” He braced himself against a corner as four chains of fire bore down upon him and what little flame his whip had managed to conjure to protect him. Just before the flames reached him, they paused and hung in mid-air before disintegrating into nothing and the room’s intense heat faded away.

“You did better than I thought you would…” Yuya said, taking a few steps closer to him.

“Can you PLEASE tell me what that was all about!?” Yuri jumped up now, a little angry.

“It’s just a test…”
“A test!? You call that a test!? A test of what! Nearly got myself killed!”
“Calm yourself…. You wouldn't have died… and it was a way of measuring…. What you have taken from me....”
“Do you see the abilities you’ve gained? Since you’ve become my anchor, part of my abilities rest with you as well… you’ve gained the ability to manipulate fire… as well as your heightened reflexes…” Yuya said calmly, pulling out from thin air a small vase. Its contents poured out onto the ground and a pool of crystal blue water appeared as a figure rose from the puddle. Suddenly the figure turned as the water surrounding him evaporated and Chinen came face to face with a young man dressed in white and silver robes.

“He’ll take care of you…” Yuya said, somewhat dismissively and Yuri felt a little uneasy as the boy approached him. But the minute he did, a cool embracing aura seemed to wash over his body, the air was cool and moist around him, not like the room that could have boiled a man alive…

“He’s not too seriously hurt…” The boy said, standing up. He extended his hand now as a ball of swirling water appeared, and with a small twist of his wrist the ball threw itself into Chinen’s body, forming a thin veil of liquid around him. It almost felt as if the water were hugging him, cooling him down as it moved through his skin and into his body. Everywhere it went he felt his muscles tense and relax and suddenly feel refreshed. When he was done, the boy in the robes turned and bowed as he turned suddenly into water again and evaporated, leaving no trace.

When all was said and done, Yuri was left with more questions than answers, he didn't feel any different, nor did he seem to realize that his reflexes were heightened.

“What do you mean?” He asked urgently, as Yuya waved his hand and the barrier that had enclosed the room shattered and disappeared.
“We told you before, those that serve as our anchors, are blessed with certain gifts, and for you who serves as my anchor, you’ve gained the ability to manipulate fire, though it seems that you’re not capable of creating it yet…. “ He said the last part a little matter of factly.

“Hey, at least I got something…” The younger boy complained following closely behind.
“Yes…. At least that much…” The god sounded more disappointed than pleased.

“Did ya really have to attack me though?” Chinen suddenly pipped
“If I didn't would you have reacted? That feeling of anxiety just before fighting, that’s the mindset I want you to be in. If for one instant you forget that feeling, you’ll fall behind… and your fight will be over…” Yuya said sternly, motioning for the boy to follow. They walked and walked through paths unknown and somehow appeared at the base of what looked to be a giant mountain.

“Here… is where you will train your discipline.” He said, bringing the two of them to the mountain’s top. Chinen reveled in horror as he realized he was staring down the mouth of a large and viciously bubbling volcano. Though you couldn't see the molten lava, he knew it was there, sitting deep within.

“Wai-hwaaaaahhhhhhhh!” The two of them fell forward down the dark opening, further and further until a small bit of light appeared at the bottom and grew larger by the second. Yuri’s eyes widened as he felt the air around him get blazing hot and he started to sweat. As they approached three large spires of fire approached them slamming together just beneath their feet as if it were a weaving of fire into a net. They were “caught” and landed gently upon the molten rock’s surface.

“W-What am I supposed to do here! It’s so hot!” Chinen yelled over the rumblings of the volcano.

“Here, you’ll train…. And practice….. with me.” Yuya said silently, he reached out to the flame below and twisted it around himself, forming a cloak of blazing orange, his mortal made clothes vanished and in their place there were pants and a shirt that seemed to glow with the light around him. They looked almost like exercise clothes, except… on another level…..

“W-Wait! We’re not doing this again are we!?” Chinen began to back away.
“You’ll be made to understand, just what fire is… what it can do…. And what it can’t do.”
“I don't wanna, let me out of here…”
“This is not for you to decide….. and soon…. You will need to fight… we all will….”
“Wait…. what? What does that mean?”
“It means…. There are movements going on, ones that threaten your very existence, so.. be ON GUARD!” Yuya shouted, hurling a bolt of fire through the air.

“Fire, is the creation of many things, the earth was forged from a molten core, shielded within layer upon layer of hardened rock. It hungers to be free, to roam and burn all within its path…” He said, throwing another, larger ball of flame, making the younger boy dodge again.

“It’s unruly, and is mischievous and will break free at any time. Those who wield it must have absolute focus, or be consumed by it. That is why we are practicing.” He said as he pulled a column of fire and turned its tip into a point, sending the stream at the boy.

“Ahhh!” He had barely figured out how to manipulate the flames around him, it was more instinct than anything else, but… he pulled together a thin layer of flame from the lava beneath him and he watched as a blood orange shield appeared and the flame spear slammed against it, pushing him back until he reached the rock on the side.

“Annnhhhh!” He groaned as he felt the immense pressure the spear forced upon his barrier. He could feel it pushing still, almost as if it was going to squish him between his barrier and the rock.

“Focus!” Yuya shouted, as he pulled another column and it snaked along the length of the first, winding forward until it slammed into the barrier and Chinen gasped as his concentration broke and the thin shield shattered. The spears slammed into the rockface, leaving behind a huge hollow dent.

“Why are you so intent on killing me!?” Chinen shouted as he ran around the small crater.
“I am intent on having you learn how to control your abilities so that you may defend yourself!” Yuya retorted, waving his hand as another stream of fire rushed by the younger boy’s ear.

“STOP! This doesn't work! Just stop!” Chinen stopped dead in his tracks and turned to see four large and angry bolts coming at him. He braced for impact but stood his ground. He could feel it getting closer, he could hear the roar and cracking of the fire, but just as it became too much on his skin, it vanaished.

He opened his eyes cautiously to see Yuya standing in the center of the crater still, a look of confusion in his eyes.

“This… throwing me off into the deep end of the pool thing, that you’re doing, it doesn't work for me. Why cant you just teach me, help me to learn.”
“You can learn through instinct, as your ancestors did and mine many lifetimes ago. Instinct and experience at the best teachers one can instill in another. That feeling that you get in the middle of the fight, that is instinct teaching you, and your experience guiding it. Don't ever forget that, or let your guard down…..” Yuya said, and while he knew that the younger boy understood the words he spoke, he could feel the stubborn eyes looking at him. He sighed and nodded, shaking his head a bit afterwards.

Quietly, Yuya pulled up a small dome of fire around them, pushing the two of them into a hot sphere, he placed his hands on Chinen’s shoulders and pushed until the two of them sat down on the hot surface.

“Manipulating the elements is simple, and it goes for each of our powers, in order to will the fire into doing something, you have to understand its nature. Destruction is a given, but fire is also warmth, it can be playful and unruly, which is why you must concentrate to control it. To will the flames into doing your bidding, you simply have to want it, to be able to command it using your sheer force of will. If you understand what the flame can do, it will find kinship with you, and in turn listen to you… “ He explained

“To will a single wisp of fire into a shape, simply imagine the shape in which you want the fire to appear. Imagine the flames curling into your form, and will that intention to the flames.”
“How?” Chinen reached out to the fire around him, it ebbed and tugged from the lava but utterly refused to listen.

“When you were fighting, your intense concentration on NOT being killed came out right? You were fighting with all you had to survive, use that determination to will the fire into your power. You had to protect yourself, so your flames became a shield, you were angry that you were being attacked, so your flames became a whip… do you see?”

Chinen nodded slowly, as he paced around, he reached out to a small flickering spark that began to light the molten rock at the edges and he called out forcefully with his voice. Just as he roared, the small spark ignited and jumped into the air, curling around his small body as it wrapped around him and suddenly expanded into a large whirlwind of orange, blue then white fire. He could understand how reluctant the fire was to share its destructive power with such a little boy, but at the same time, he didn't care. Instead he forced it forward towards Yuya who smiled as he nodded and jumped to the side, allowing the fire to smash and melt the volcano’s walls.

Three hours later, the moon high in the night sky signaled the arrival of night, and just as he was streaking his last barrier from existance, Chinen paused to look at the faint glimmer that was a star.

“It’s already night! We’ve been at this the whole day!” He said worriedly. At first Yuya was about to protest, but he knew when he would not win a fight, and he knew the younger boy was homesick already…. Or at the very least hungry…..

“Do you think you can get out of here?” He asked slyly, raising an eyebrow.
“I think…?” Chinen nodded.

“Then I’ll see you up there……” The fire god grinned as he jumped up and a roar of fire came up, propelling him up and out onto the lip of the crater. Just as he landed and turned around he heard yelling and shouting and just as the fire ebbed, he saw a boy rushing through the air free falling from a pillar of fire that had expelled him a bit too far…

“Ahhhhhh!” Chinen called and he realized that he hadn’t managed to direct his pillar diagonally, instead he was falling straight down back into the crater. He reached around him for more flames, but he could feel none, nor did he fell he had the power or the state of mind to control it. He fell back downwards now just barely entering the mouth of the crater. Closing his eyes he braced for impact, but instead found himself whisked away and appearing on the opposite side of the crater’s mouth. Yuya held him aloft in his arms and the god looked at him with an annoyed face, but he was grateful that he held his tongue…

A very quiet and shame-ridden Chinen walked slowly back to the dojo, just in time to gulp down a bowl of rice, and whatever leftovers the dojo students had left for him.

“So… you said that each of your powers work this way?” He said suddenly, as he recalled the discussion that they had in the crater.
“You said that it merely takes willpower to handle your abilities?”
“Willpower is essential, if one is easily swayed, then the elements will not respect you… but it requires a certain flexibility… and understanding. Where as Fire is strict is destructive, water can be serene and cooling, wind can be playful and swift, while earth is stalwart and stern…. It all comes to the user….”
“I… see….” Chinen nodded, even though he really had no idea what had just been said to him.

He settled for his small understanding of his abilities now, and took a long shower, trusting that with some sleep it’ll all become clear to him. Indeed it would take a bit to get used to all this, but as he laid down on the tatami bed he looked at the boy that sat on his window sill. He could see the faint glimmer around Yuya’s skin, and he smiled contently as he felt a sense of…. protection, even if the same person had tried to attack him earlier….

“Maybe I’ll get you tomorrow…” He mumbled softly

Yuya smirked.

Ahh school is finally out and now I have some time! Yay!

I hope you liked the chapter, and I wonder...... who should I write next!?


Himitsu 17himitsu_17 on December 18th, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
Hiii ~

I use this comment to answer your answer first ♥
That's a lot of reading.. Yep it was but I seriously didn't mind ♥

I tried to work in as much detail so that you could see it as i imagined it. REALLY WORK ♥♥

I hope it worked out well. Don't worry :) I was surprised at first but after it was great ♥

I just posted ch8 YAAAAAAAAAAY ♥

So ~ Now:

I just finished reading it (sorry I'm late XD) and it was really great ! Lot of fire, ne? As always, I like it :) But I can't wait for Inoo/Yuto and Yabu/Yamada parts ♥

Thank you so much for writing and sharing !
Emmieemmachase on January 6th, 2012 09:44 am (UTC)
Haha I see I see,

Fire fire fire is the fun element isnt it?
Renzdachnayary on January 3rd, 2012 04:10 am (UTC)
Why is Takaki sooo strict to Chii ;w;
And I think Chii doesn't suit the fire element :P LOL
But I love the contrasting attitudes of TakaChii xD
Can't wait for the other 2 pairs ^^
Emmieemmachase on January 6th, 2012 09:45 am (UTC)
Because he lacks compassion remember? haha

Well.... he's too soft here... but depending on where the story goes, you never know... lol

Despite being the fire pair, isnt their match up like fire and ice right now?

Hmm who to write next though